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Now you can train with Pierre and Alejandra anytime, from anywhere in the world. With a collective 14 years of dance experience, they will help you improve your bachata technique, styling, footwork and musicality. Learn from the best! Keep scrolling to learn more about the courses or visit our main site @
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Alejandra Gomez

Alejandra’s style and grace come from 7 years of dance experience, in styles ranging from Latin to Ballroom. She fell in love with Bachata because it allows you to create a connection with your partner through the rhythm of the music. Her goal as a bachata instructor is to help other dancers experience the feeling of expressing yourself through music and how it feels to dance from the heart.


Pierre Tchenawou

Pierre’s passion for bachata dancing began 4 years ago. You could say it was love at first dance! He then founded Bachata Denver, a growing dance community, in 2018 to begin teaching sensual/modern style bachata.
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